Privacy policy and use of cookies

This website,, has some "normal" pages about travels, macros in Excel etc. There are also two blogs (using WordPress): Dette og hint and God mad.

Owner, editor, responsible etc. is Eric Bentzen, and you can make contact by writing a mail to: kan-hurtigt-skifte at sitestory dot dk.

This page describes privacy matters and cookie use on the "normal" pages. The blogs differ slightly, but anyway they are in Danish.

The "normal" pages (non blog pages) do not use cookies and store no personal data.


This website (except for the blogs) does not use cookies.

I have some embedded videos from YouTube. When they are played, they (TouTube) set cookies just as if you visit YouTube's pages.

There are various options for controlling cookies in your browser settings - see your browser's help.


If you write me an e-mail, I may save it and will not share it or your e-mail address with anybody. You can write to me anytime and ask me to delete your mails.

I hope you find my pages useful, and even if you don't, I thank you for visiting.

Eric Bentzen