Venice Links

The Weather in Venice
The city's official homepage
Venice's tourist information

Official homepage for several Venetian museums. The Doge's palace, the glass museum on Murano, the lace museum on Burano and others.

On this webpage you can read about, order or buy a Venicecard. It offers unlimited access to drive/sail with ACTV and use public toilets. If you spend a bit more you also get free entry or a discount to several museums, shops and restaurants. Whether you save money or not of course depends on how you use the card, but anyway it is easy and convenient.

ACTV. The local bus company (buses and vaporetti).

OmbraNet is a goldmine of information - for instance about restaurants! A nice feature is searching interactive maps.

Lonely Planet's guide to Venice

Tourist portal. Tips, articles, hotels, links.

Architecture in Venice : palazzi veneziani.
A page with descriptions of many Venetian palazzi.


30+ Days in Venice

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