Who is Eric Bentzen?

This page in Danish A short presentation with no exaggerated exhibitionism

The first years and the past in general

The only known nude photo

The only known nude photo

Eric Bentzen was borned in Toronto, Canada, and as he has had to explain many times later that is the reason why Eric is spelled with a "c" and not a "k". His parents and sister had emigrated from Denmark to Canada a few years earlier.

Quite a few did that to escape rationing coupons after the war. You can read about the years in Canada in my father's memoirs.

Eric was an exceptionally beautiful child and was spoilt rotten. Of course that made his sister Eva pretty jaloux. As the years passed by so did beauty, and the relationship between brother and sister improved. Today it is very good.

His parents were divorced, and Mom brought the children back to Denmark. Eric went to kindergarten, replaced baby English with Danish and later went to school. Here - in school that is - he stayed for a long time. He was even so fond of Danish and reading that he went to university to study Danish language and literature.

However discipline was bad, and the prospect of teaching lost attraction. He met Helle at the university, and in 1978 they concluded that paying rent for two apartments was a waste of money. Now fifty percent of the readers will ask, how many children they got, so I had better answer immediately: none.

The working life

They both dropped university and exams. In 1986 Eric got employment as an unskilled worker at Denmark's only cement plant Aalborg Portland. In 1988 he became a control room operator. After 8 years he applied for the job as manager of the control room and had to learn again to rise early every morning instead of working in shifts.

In the meantime Helle had also got a job at the cement plant working as an accountant. In 2002 Eric changed job again and now worked as what can best be described as a process engineer.

As of 1. January 2019 Eric has retired and is now enjoying life as a pensioner, and in 2021 Helle followed suit.

The other lives

Most of the other lives are private, and as I said this was to be without exhibitionism, it will suffice to say that both Helle and Eric are members of Nørresundby Chess Club and that most friends are also chess players. Helle and Eric share other interests such as reading, cooking and travelling. They travel quite a lot. Once Eric also played the classical guitar, but lately the guitar has collected dust.

Having edited the chess club's homepage and the Danish Chess Federation's archive of chess games for some years Eric felt like making a personal website. As of yet it is focused on posting travelogues and programming with Excel macros. Eric also writes a blog (in Danish), and other stuff may be added.

And that's it except to say that Helle and Eric live in Aalborg, Denmark.