Download Excel VBA macro examples

From this page you can download Excel spreadsheets with VBA macro examples.

The files are zip-compressed, and you unzip by right-clicking (once the file is downloaded) and choose "Unpack" or whatever Windows suggests.

The spreadsheets exemplify some of the things I write about on this site, and to the right of each download link is a (www)-link that will take you to the corresponding webpage.

Once you have opened an Excel workbook, you can open the Visual Basic editor by pressing ALT+F11. I do not have a certificate, so you will probably need to select a low security level to run the macros.

The examples have all been made in Excel 2000 or 2003 (Danish version), and if they don't work in other versions it may be, that I have made mistakes, but it could also be a compatibility issue.

Automation error

Excel 2016 introduced a new bug: You get an error message, "Automation error", when you open (some) spreadsheets with macros made with Excel 2003 or older.

There are no problems running the macros, but the message is annoying. To make it disappear just save as a macro enabled workbook in the new format (*.xlsm).


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